ENT Problems - Removal of Foreign Bodies

Removal of Foreign Bodies

What is considered a foreign body?

An object is considered a "foreign body" if the object is in a location in the body where it does not belong. Common foreign bodies found in children include coins, small toys, certain foods like peanuts, beans or even candy, and other small objects. Occasionally dislodged teeth or even bugs may be found. Common locations of foreign bodies include the ear, and airway.

How foreign bodies are removed?

The technique used to remove a foreign body depends on the location and the object itself. Many objects stuck in the ear or nose can safely be removed in the Clinic.

Many times because of swelling or recent bleeding, it is safer to perform this procedure in the operating room under a brief general anesthetic. Children with suspected airway foreign bodies almost always require a trip to the operating room in order to perform a full airway evaluation. This is performed under general anesthesia using very special cameras and tools. The airway is first inspected and if any foreign bodies are seen, special instruments can be used to remove the object.